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The infamous story of Ohno’s old cellphone.


今日のVS ❤


今日のVS ❤

"The amazing thing about him is how he’s always told "Leader, please say something to finish this up!". This applies to any shows, and he always manages to deliver the closing remarks. For our variety shows he hardly ever reads the scripts, and I wonder how he’s not feeling uneasy because of that. I think he’s fearless."

[Sakurai Sho on Ohno Satoshi]


Sho for Nazotoki on Ageru Tv 02.08.13


Nino’s onee-chan will be celebrating her birthday on the coming 4th and he insisted that Aiba-chan give a message to her XDD



Speaking of ‘New’, Ninomiya-san has reached a new age!

J: Happy Birthday!

Nino: Thank you. The first mail I received was from Aiba-kun but… Were you drunk at that time?

Aiba: Huh?

Nino: Were you sleepy or drunk…? (Nino takes out his phone and searches for the message) Oh, I…

Aiba-chan seems to take the number 1 spot quite often when saying Happy Birthday to Nino ^^

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